Learn how your comment data is processed. Kanangra-Boyd lookout | NSW National Parks Kanangra Wall cliff top walk - one of the most dramatic cliff-top walks in the Blue Mountains, but, due to the unfenced 70 metre drop, unsuitable for children. I would highly recommend his walks and training to anyone and will be looking forward to the next adventure.". have conquered. However we decided to get moving quickly as there looked to be more bad We follow the fire trail along the top of this plateau on Day 1. From the east side of the clearing, with one branch heads initially east, and then south towards Maxwell Top, while the other heads north east from the northern side of the clearing. A useful book with some ideas for extended walks in NSW. Enjoy the sunrise from Splendour Rock. RF2E3JJTW - Aerial panorama of Kanangra Walls and Mount Cloud Maker in Kanangra-Boyd National Park in the . Tom and Nicole. There is a large but gloomy camp cave just above the creek below the campsite. There comes a time when you stop lying about your age and start bragging about it! Still it was nice to finally see the car park at Presumably this was to try to reduce erosion on the Most saddles between Mt Berry and Mt Strongleg offer a flat grassy area. The Three Peaks - The Lazy Way - Lotsafreshair The trip overall was not overly formal, pretty low key and provides an experience that allows you to challenge yourself whilst feeling safe. The ones at Dex Creek and Mobbs Swamp usually have water available, which is why they are popular. These represent some of the iconic and best known landscapes in the southern Blue Mountains. Gabes Gap is the low point on the walk, the path through the gap is steep in both directions. Mount Solitary; Grand Canyon, Bluegum Forest & Perrys Lookdown; The Six Foot Track; Kanangra Boyd National Park. Category : Kanangra-Boyd National Park - Wikimedia are useful and generally contain more, and more accurate, information on and Nicole headed off to Mt Dingo and Splendour Rock while I lounged with As a bushwalk, the Mount Manning (Bucketty) to . All content copyright Ashley Burke 2018. Kanangra Walls to Carlons Farm Hike 2009 | Flickr You can see for miles at Kanangra-Boyd lookout, an easily accessible viewpoint overlooking Kanangra Walls and Mount Cloudmaker. Web page created 28 Apr 2018, last updated 21 Dec 2021. Of course, that might have just been our excuse for a walking stick - Losing the track turnedout to be a problem as the terrain was very hard on Len and his knees. The delay The 1.3km path to the Cave from the Mt Cloudmaker summit is vague in places, navigation skills are needed. Copyright 2022 | Darren Edwards | All Rights Reserved | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Donation Policy | Disclaimer, Trail Hiking Australia is a not-for-profit community service initiative, Golden Staircase to Mt Solitary via Ruined Castle (11.7km), Katoomba to Wentworth Falls via the Jamison Valley (29.2km), Scenic Railway Ruined Castle Mt Solitary Kedumba River Wentworth Falls (29.3km). enjoy the view. Blue Mountains nature - Kanangra-Boyd National Park worn path at the bottom leading in the right direction. Jenolan Caves & Kanangra Walls Lookout 4WD | Backpacker Deals This is a true wilderness experience that will take you into some of the most spectacular wilderness of NSW. The views along the way, particularly from the Kanangra Walls plateau and Mt Stormbreaker are wonderful, and at night we went up onto the Ti Willa Plateau under a full moon and were rewarded with a wide horizon view of sparking lights from Sydney to Wollongong. If you have sufficient water, you can take a short cut about half way down aiming for the bottom of Yellow Pup Ridge. the weather was very cold, and my toes had well and truly gone numb by Stay safe by planning your trip for all conditions and telling someone about it. Kanangra to Katoomba requires a long car shuffle. This karst topography, created by the Jenolan and its tributaries, is one of the least understood in Australia. Kanangra Creek - Marooba Karoo - Mt Cloudmaker - Kanangra Walls carpark: Day 1 - Mount Guouogang. We camped on the Friday night at Boyd Crossing Campground, after At the time I said that day 2 was the hardest I had ever done; in retrospect I would be more than happy to do it all over again, so while I found it hard I don't think it rates as the hardest thing ever!! morning. The plateau slopes gently down from west to east from a height of around 1100m (3610 ft) near Mt. Fill in a trip intention form to send important details about your adventure to your emergency contact. The total distance of the walk is 52km, with a total of 3044m of ascent and 2991m of descent over the 3-4 days! 54km: 12 hours: 24 hours: K2K Leaderboard: K2K2K (K2). Katoomba to . The walking trail is rough and faint in places. It contours for a further 2.5km until you hit a fire trail, at White Dog Ridge. Great trip - I thoroughly enjoyed the company and being in the wilderness. We can camp here if doing the trip over 4 days, which makes Day 2 a short day with a relaxing afternoon by the river. three hour round trip to Kanangra to pick up the other car. I didn't have any These Let someone know before you go. Kanangra walls to Mt Cloudmaker - Blue Mountains - YouTube Altitude: 1164 metres Class: My first complete walk of the entire route in one go was in 1986. The 2019-2020 bushfires significantly affected the area and since the fires much of the track has become overgrown, and the path is indistinct and difficult to follow. on the right ridge, but backtracking because they thought they had the It didnt help that the person who was having the most trouble was wearing jeans which were now wet and making him colder than he should be. If its offered as 3 days next year, I hope I can do it again. Remember to look up too; if you adjust your gaze skywards you may see some soaring wedge-tail eagles. KanangraWalls, photos on Flickr | Flickr Konangaroo Clearing is a large grassy area next to Kanangra Creek, and would be an excellent campsite if doing the walk in two days. We got there first, but by the time we started collecting a meagre supply Mt Cloudmaker is the highest in the Gangerang Range. after dinner Then the rain started, and that changed everything, we were now all getting chilled because of the slow pace. Part of the Greater Blue Mountains Area World Heritage Property, Kanangra-Boyd National Park is just 180km from Sydney. The views from the top are good and it is not a bad spot for lunch. Guide to Oberon in NSW - Traveller I answered that I would have preferred it to have been over 4 days instead of 3 - to be honest I was very happy with the hike as it was, and I certainly don't regret doing it over 3 days. Strongleg. Keep your eyes peeled for echidnas and lyrebirds, particularly during summer. Kanangra-Boyd National Park - Camping, Weather, Walks & Lookout Map Find out more about hiking gear, read the latest blog posts, trip reports and gear reviews, and download my helpful PDF hiking guides. Hikes in the Sydney Area - Evan Hunter The walk became abit of a forced march to the cars and the promise of some dry clothes. We reached Roots Ridge just after lunch and we knew that the end was in sight, only another couple of hours to go. A short walk upstream is our campsite in a lovely peaceful river flat among casuarina trees. Several species listed on Schedules 1 and 2 of the Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995 (NSW) are found in the Wilderness Area including: The powerful owl (Ninox strenua), squirrel glider (Petaurus norfolcensis), yellow-bellied glider (Petaurus volans), tiger quoll (Dasyurus maculatus), and brush-tailed rock wallaby (Petrogale penicillata). The national park is bounded to the north by open farmland; to the east by the Coxs River, the Blue Mountains National Park and the Kowmung River; to the southeast by the Yerranderie State Conservation Area; to the south by the Nattai National Park and the Wombeyan Caves Road; to the southwest by the Blue Mountains National Park; and to the west by the Kowmung River, the Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve, and open farmland and extensive state forests that surround the town of Oberon. A high traverse via Mt Merrimerrigal, Mt Warrigal and Mt Mouin is an alternative route to Medlow Gap, but requires that you have sufficient water. On the trail to the lookout, theres a revegetation area abundant with silver banksia, bright red mountain devils and white flowering hakeas. wilderness walk was the best thing for the June Long Weekend. morning was no easy task. Eucalypt forest with western plain species, such as yellow box and white box, are found in areas of rainshadow. Gabes Gap is the low point on the walk, the path through the gap is steep in both directions. If youre an armchair bushwalker, someone looking for new adventures, or one of my friends who just wants to see what Ive been up to, this site is for you, sign up to get email alerts now! Mt Cloudmaker was only a short way past Rumble Knoll, although it was So again, follow the map. The track took us up and over Mt Cloudmaker, along the knife-edge line of Rip, Rack Roar and Rumble, Mt Stormbreaker, Mt Berry and eventually back up to Kanangra Walls. The cave at the end itself isnt as exciting as the dance floor cave you see on the way but it was the journey that did it for me on this one. Once on the ridge, head on the track to Mt Moorilla Maloo. File:Kanangra-Boyd lookout, Kanangra-Boyd National Park 10.jpg The park also features a series of karst landforms that can be explored by those with caving experience.[3]. From the unfenced lookout, an easy 10 minutes walk from the Kanangra Walls carpark, you can peer out over Kanangra Deep to Kanangra Walls and in the distance, Mount Cloudmaker, which is often circled by mist. Kanangra Walls lookout gave spectacular views of the walls and the rest of the hike along the top - Kilpatrick Causeway, Craft's Walls, Mount Berry, Gabes Gap, Mount High and Mighty, Mount Stormbreaker, Rip, Rack Roar and Rumble knolls and Mount Cloudbreaker the highest point in the distance. There is a log book on top of the summit cairn that you can sign. Protected area in New South Wales, Australia, "Kanangra-Boyd National Park: Park management", "Kanangra-Boyd National Park: Facilities and activities", Valley Heights Locomotive Depot Heritage Museum, Greater Blue Mountains Area (World Heritage Site), https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Kanangra-Boyd_National_Park&oldid=1118480657, Parks and reserves of the Blue Mountains (New South Wales), All Wikipedia articles written in Australian English, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, Lookout Walk the easiest and wheelchair accessible, this ten-minute route along well-formed tracks leads to the first lookout which overlooks the gorges of, Waterfall Walk accessible from the Lookout Walk, this route leads down into a gully where the Kalang Falls splash into a pool; and. Today there would scarcely be a peak, ridge, spur or valley visible from any vantage point along the entire route that I have not personally been to. Compagnoni Pass Hike in Kananga Boyd national park - We Are Explorers If you don't have some camping equipment like pack, tent, cooking equipment and stove, then limited supplies of these are available for you to borrow at no extra charge. From this latter lookout the Waterfall Walk takes you down into a gully to Kalang Falls. Here we refill water bottles and after some more trail walking, we climb up steeply to finally reach Splendour Rock, our first camp site. Kanangra Walls to Crafts Walls getting there: It's a long drive from Sydney take the road to Jenolan Caves and continue on through the caves up the other side then turn left onto Kanangra Road this is a gravel road fairly good condition although have noticed it has deteriorated over the last 12 months, drive carefully its about 27 km to the lookout car park from the turn off. Getting on to the track heading north out of Dex Creek the next ", "K2K is one of the best walks I have ever done. The track climbs up a cleft in the rocks, along a shale ledge on the west side, and up another cleft to a ladder which takes you up to Clear Hill at the top. Cyclists will want to bring their mountain bikes to explore the parks fire trails. At Kanangra-Boyd National Park is composed of two land units the elevated, gently undulating Boyd Plateau and the area of creeks, rivers, gorges and ridges into which the plateau falls away. The skies stayed clear for us up on top, before the heavy mist once again descended to make our journey back to the Kanangra Walls carpark a misty, white-out, where the usual dramatic views of Thurat Spires and the gorge were off limits . The off to Mt Cloudmaker and down to set up camp on Mt Stormbreaker. It was extremely stressful as I had mostly beginners with me and they were relying on me to get them into camp in the dark I wasnt sure I was up to the challenge! My first venture along parts of the Katoomba to Kanangra walk was a day hike from Kanangra Walls to Mt Cloudmaker in 1982. Tom and Jonathan on the Kilpatrick Causeway above Kanangra Deep. The movie Jedda was filmed in the Kanangra Walls area in 1954. arriving in the wee hours of the morning. I was able to download it straight into a gps app I downloaded the other day! Near the top of Mt Strongleg the trail No other people in sight! The Kanangra-Boyd National Park is one of the eight protected areas that, in 2000, was inscribed to form part of the UNESCO World Heritagelisted Greater Blue Mountains Area. Mt Cloudmaker is on the Kanangra Walls to Katoomba route and on the route from Ti Willa Plateau to Kanangra Walls. If requested, you will be credited for any photos you provide and can ask they be deleted at any time. On the first day at Kanangra . We started out from the Kanangra Walls car park at 8am and were quickly on our way, we knew that Saturday was to be our best day and it started out with blue skies and warm sunshine which was slowly melting the ice on top of the puddles along the way. A good idea to follow the map for this one to ensure you stay on track. Since then I have done countless trips along the Kanangra to Katoomba route and have explored the surrounding country extensively. Descent off of the plateau was difficult to find. Just 180km from the outskirts of Sydney, Kanangra-Boyd National Park, part of the Greater Blue Mountains Area World Heritage Property, feels like you've crossed an ocean to get there. They can then inform police if you dont return on time. arrived. crest of the ridge. Part of Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, Kanangra-Boyd National Park is just 180km from Sydney. Carpark by Kanangra Walls. stores. The Best National Parks Near Sydney To Visit This Summer My services as your experienced guide for the entire length of the 4 day trek. Your email address will not be published. Likewise there are numerous flat grassy areas between Mt Yellow Dog and Medlow Gap. We walk out along the Narrow Neck plateau along a fire trail, a distance of 10km. [2] The Kanangra-Boyd National Park is the most southwesterly of the eight protected areas within the World Heritage Site. If you have a large group you may be able to avoid the car shuffle by splitting in two, and doing the walk in opposite directions. Its a good idea to let someone know where youre going and when you plan to return. Water was a bit scarce - we continued up the track a short way This elevation chart below gives you a good idea of the amount of climbing and descending day by day on this walk.
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